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Merry Christmas – stay tuned for more inspiration and insights in the new year

2016 has been a year of changes and turmoil throughout the world. At Pressalit, we made a few minor revolutions as well. For instance, we started blogging as a new way of bringing you inspiration and insights into the world of designing better care, homes, and lives for the elderly and disabled. We hope that you have enjoyed reading along, and we sincerely hope that you will keep [...]

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Designing for the distant future – 5 emerging technologies in the building industry

Unlike many other industries, the engineering and construction sector still have work to do regarding adopting new technologies, and has certainly never undergone a major transformation. Which technologies will we see pushing the building industry into the new digital age and how do they ensure viable and long lasting solutions in government construction in the future? Over the last few decades, most other industries have undergone tremendous changes and [...]

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Coming soon to a bathroom near you: 3 focus areas for 2017 and beyond

Did you talk to your toilet today? Probably not, but if you read our latest blog post From smart to automated you will know that pretty soon you might. Technology, in particular home automation, is just one focus area for the new year. As the year draws to an end, we take a look ahead at what to expect within our three primary focus areas: Design, functionality and [...]

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From smart to automated – changing homes for the elderly and disabled

The smart home is here, allowing users to control functions such as heating and lighting via apps and sensors. And even before these functions become common property, the next level of homes is in the making. Imagine being able to control your entire bathroom with your voice and your eyes. And imagine your toilet keeping track of your health. The smart home may be here, but soon everything [...]

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Australia raises standards for SCI rehabilitation and intensify search for cure

People suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) might soon be looking to Australia for new standards for rehabilitation and, before long, maybe even a cure. Until recently, repairing the spinal cord was considered impossible. Thanks to a new noninvasive procedure, people around the world now have reason to believe that a cure is just a matter of time. And the cure might very well come from Down [...]

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The future of elderly care: It’s not about ageing, it’s about living.

Pressalit is proud to be featured in the new video by Healthcare Denmark “The Future of Elderly Care” in which you can find our kitchen and bathroom products in their right elements. The video aims to introduce viewers to some of the focus areas of the Danish government - to prepare for 2040 when one in four Danes will be 65 or older. "Denmark focuses on moving towards [...]

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