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How Inclusive design is a key driver to society

Universal Design, Inclusive Design, Design for All. We hear these terms almost every day, but where do they come from, what do they actually mean, and how do they apply to the world of design for the elderly and disabled? And what’s going on in Norway, whose government vision for the country’s entire infrastructure, is to be created according to the principles of ‘inclusive design’ by 2025? [...]

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Retrofitting buildings helps people age in place

The staggering pace of technological development poses a challenge to those who design, construct and equip both private and public housing. Since buildings are constructed to last much longer than the technology initially installed in them how do we ensure that these existing buildings, and not least the people living in them, can take advantage of the new technologies as they emerge? The answer is retrofitting, and it is set [...]

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Celebration of 25th anniversary of the Pressalit company headquarter “Maglehøj”

It all started back in 1954, when Pressalit was first established. In the beginning, the business consisted of the production and sales of toilet seats, later joined by bathroom products for the physically disabled in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the first Pressalit administrative headquarter was located in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, while the production facilities were located in the small nearby town Ry. As the company experienced increased [...]

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Peter Rosenmeier vinder Pressalits Keep Living-Pris 2016

I dag har jeg, i samarbejde med Parasport Danmark, været i Charlottenlund for at kåre årets parasportudøver. Vinderen modtager Pressalits Keep Living-pris 2016 og med anerkendelsen følger kr. 40.000, da Pressalit har valgt at fordoble beløbet til prismodtageren fra i år. Prisuddelingen foregik hos Elsass Fonden, der blandt andet står bag forskning og udvikling til fordel for mennesker med Cerebral Parese. Fonden har i årevis været en [...]

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Merry Christmas – stay tuned for more inspiration and insights in the new year

2016 has been a year of changes and turmoil throughout the world. At Pressalit, we made a few minor revolutions as well. For instance, we started blogging as a new way of bringing you inspiration and insights into the world of designing better care, homes, and lives for the elderly and disabled. We hope that you have enjoyed reading along, and we sincerely hope that you will keep [...]

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Designing for the distant future – 5 emerging technologies in the building industry

Unlike many other industries, the engineering and construction sector still have work to do regarding adopting new technologies, and has certainly never undergone a major transformation. Which technologies will we see pushing the building industry into the new digital age and how do they ensure viable and long lasting solutions in government construction in the future? Over the last few decades, most other industries have undergone tremendous changes and [...]

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