Welcome to the Pressalit Care blog

Here we aim to share ideas and examples that support our purpose and ambitions:

  • To make life better for people with mobility disabilities.
  • To create better working environments for those who help them.
  • To promote economic sustainability for those who design and invest in solutions that ensure the above.
  • To provide insight into our work with and commitment to para-athletics through our sponsorship agreement with the Danish Sports Organisation for the Disabled.

We wish to inspire, motivate and promote equal opportunity for good living regardless of physical ability. In fact, we do not consider physical ability a prerequisite for a good life, and we do not accept physical obstacles to handicap a person, when it comes to daily activities in the home. Instead, we want to eliminate those obstacles. With this blog, we wish to inspire you to do the same by:

  • Sharing examples of solutions and homes that have been designed for people with special needs.
  • Making you aware of rules and regulations.
  • Inspiring you to create solutions, which will optimize the time, effort and investments that are put into housing and caring for people with special needs.
  • Keeping you up to date on the latest within welfare technology around the world.
  • Sharing different approaches to ensuring good, equal housing and living opportunities for disabled citizens.

And more. We invite you to inspire us by suggesting topics that you would like us to blog about. The more we work together the better solutions we can create. So let’s get started.


Kim Boyter
Kim BoyterCEO
Kim is the CEO and proud owner of Pressalit together with his brother Dan. He is passionate about being hands-on in leading a skilled team of international employees in making a difference in the bathroom – a room that is a part of everyone’s lives across the globe.
Dan Boyter
Dan BoyterNon-Executive Officer and Board Member
Dan is Non-Executive Officer and Board Member at Pressalit and the other proud owner of the company. Dan’s passions include Pressalit’s long-standing cooperation with and sponsorship of the Danish Sports Organisation for the Disabled, and he is currently very involved in following the Danish para-athletes in their preparations for the Paralympics in Rio this year.
Holger Søe Plougsgaard
Holger Søe PlougsgaardProduct Development Manager
Holger is the manager of our Development Department and knows almost everything there is to know about engineering from a scientific as well as medical perspective. He is the go-to guy when it comes to inspiration and ideas for new product development and can always be seen around the office smiling.
Claus Albertsen
Claus AlbertsenSales Manager - Denmark
Claus’ world evolves around sharing advice on how to create the best possible bathroom solutions for people with physical disabilities. Our customers in Denmark as well as our organization benefit from Claus’ expertise and knowledge of the rehab field collected through his more than 20 years in the care industry.
Andrew Lowndes
Andrew LowndesSales Manager - United Kingdom
Andrew is responsible for our markets in the UK & Ireland and is our expert on British standards as well as the customers’ requirements in this market. He is recognized for his in-depth knowledge of the market and using this to make the most appropriate bathroom layouts for users and carers. Andrew is always willing to share his insight and knowledge and is well-known for his great sense of humor.
Gary Nowitz
Gary NowitzSales Manager - North America
Gary is responsible for our North American markets and is our champion on Universal Design and relocatable bathroom fixtures. He is recognized for his vast market insight gained from many years of experience in the industry. Gary is first and foremost an avid professional who is always willing to share his knowledge with a broad audience and is, besides his posts on this blog, also a very active user of LinkedIn and Twitter.
Tim Knowles
Tim KnowlesSales Manager - Australia
Tim is our Sales Manager in Australia and comes with more than 25 years of experience from the building sector both in Europe and Australia. His specialties include vast insight into aged care, independent living and ageing in place and he is driven by his passion to make a difference in every detail of his work.