Today there are precisely 100 days to go until The Paralympic Games open in Rio. We have several major sporting events to get through before September 7: Euro 2016, Wimbledon, Tour de France and the 2016 Olympic Games. However, it is without a doubt the Paralympic Games that will be the sporting event of the year for me.

A number of Danish athletes have already secured a place in the Games. In the last few weeks, several sports have tested the paralympic shape at international events, and the results show great promise for the coming event. In June, I am looking forward to following the Danish para-athletes closely at the European Championships in Grossetto, Italy. From here on, let the countdown to Rio begin!

I attended the Paralympic Games in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012, where Pressalit was a sponsor for the Danish Sports Organisation for the Disabled (DHIF). Developments in para-sport have since been significant: Para-athletes are training more and more and working professionally on both their physical and mental performance. Competition at the top is fiercer. On an organisational level, integration between ordinary sport and para-sport is growing ever closer. In London, the Paralympic Games received major attention from spectators, and this year I believe we can look forward to more TV coverage of the Games than ever before.

Most importantly, the development in para-sport reflects a break-down of barriers, a removal of obstacles. A will to succeed. We employ the same mentality in Pressalit Care: We want to create solutions that break down obstacles and create new opportunities in everyday life. That is why we are so proud to support the Danish athletes. Pressalit is #AllForRio