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The World is getting older

Global demographics are changing dramatically. Longer life spans and low birth rates mean that the proportion of elderly people in populations around the world is rapidly on the rise. In other words the world’s population is ageing, and that poses both challenges and opportunities to governments and private sector companies alike. Here is a glimpse of what to expect and a few insights on Healthy Ageing. Generally [...]

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Caring for the carers who have to work in the building you’re designing starts at your drawing board. We give you a few tips and insights on “healing architecture”

Architects all over the world are debating evidence-based design and healing architecture. When looking for inspiration, architects from the US often look to Denmark where this is already a very big part of the modern and coherent treatments, in both the public and private health care system. (Full-service consultant: Karlsson Arkitekter / VLA ; Photo: Jens Lindhe) Healing architecture is based on enhancing the physical framework’s impact on [...]

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6 great websites for planning a dream vacation for yourself, your family and your carer-team

Travel for people with disabilities, also known as “disabled travel” or “accessible travel,” is on the rise all over the world. We see more and more impressive advances toward opening the leisure and travel market to everyone, including travelers with limited mobility. And like the rest of us, an increasing number of people with disabilities are looking for the backdoor routes and a little something out of the ordinary. We [...]

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Gold for Danish para-athlete Daniel Wagner Jørgensen at the European Championships in Grosseto, Italy

It has been a great pleasure following the Danish para-athletes at the European Championships. Yesterday was a very special day, as para-athlete Daniel Wagner Jørgensen won a gold medal in his favorite discipline, the long jump, with a new world record of 6.7 meters. It is the first time Daniel can call himself European Champion – and I have had the pleasure of talking to him about what it feels [...]

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“You have to be really focused and know your plan, know your body”

Dan Boyter from Pressalit talks to para-athlete Daniel Wagner about his competitions at the #Grosseto2016 IPC European Championships.

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#AllForRio: 100 days to The Paralympics

Today there are precisely 100 days to go until The Paralympic Games open in Rio. We have several major sporting events to get through before September 7: Euro 2016, Wimbledon, Tour de France and the 2016 Olympic Games. However, it is without a doubt the Paralympic Games that will be the sporting event of the year for me. A number of Danish athletes have already secured a place [...]

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