Pressalit is proud to be featured in the new video by Healthcare Denmark “The Future of Elderly Care” in which you can find our kitchen and bathroom products in their right elements. The video aims to introduce viewers to some of the focus areas of the Danish government – to prepare for 2040 when one in four Danes will be 65 or older.

Denmark focuses on moving towards more efficient elderly care, which empowers and supports senior citizens to stay healthy in their own home. This video illustrates how assisted living technology contributes to a more efficient elder care sector and empowers senior citizens.

In our previous blog post “The world is getting older”, published on august 25th, we took a closer look at Healthy Ageing on a global scale. What can we expect when 22 percent of the world’s population will be 60+ by 2050, and how are our governments and the private sector preparing for it? The video from Healthcare Denmark is a great follow-up on that, so if you haven’t already read our blog post we recommend you do. You can find it right here: The world is getting older

We would like to take this opportunity to once again raise the flag for the fact that we as citizens in modern societies need to rethink ageing. Let’s disrupt ageing. Governments and private companies around the world are already doing that and we would like to support them in making progress on this matter.

Healthy Ageing will require a far better general understanding of age-related issues from all of us, and we believe that we basically need to own our age. We need to get to the point where we’re no longer defined by the old expectations of what we should or should not do at a certain age. Let’s upend our thinking around what it means to get older. Because it’s really not about ageing, it’s about living.