At Pressalit Care we have a clear-cut purpose: To make life better for people with mobility disabilities, create better working environments for those who help them, and promote economic sustainability for those who design and invest in solutions that ensure the above. That’s what we’re all about. And that’s what this blog is about.

Welcome to our blog, which is actually your blog. Whether you are an architect designing housing for people with special needs, a caregiver making daily life better for someone with disabilities, a developer, a relative or have special needs yourself. This is for you.

Inspiration and motivation

We wish to inspire, motivate and promote equal opportunity for good living regardless of physical ability. In fact, we do not consider physical ability a prerequisite for a good life, and we do not accept physical obstacles to handicap a person, when it comes to daily activities in the home. Instead, we want to eliminate those obstacles.

We wish to inspire and motivate you to do the same by bringing to your attention all sortsa variety of solutions, thoughts, ideas and people who share our purpose and vision. A purpose and vision we also live through our collaboration and commitment to para-athletics through our sponsorship agreement with the Danish Sports Organisation for the Disabled.

So what will we be blogging about?

We will bring you examples of solutions, rooms and homes that have been designed for people with special needs, We will illustrate and share the difference that those solutions make for both caregivers and caretakers in their everyday lives. And share inspiring stories from the para-athletic world that embodies our philosophy of not accepting physical limitations.

We will try to make you aware of rules and regulations regarding homes for people with mobility disabilities. You will also find inspiration for optimizing the time, effort and investments that are put into housing and caring for people with special needs, and we will try to keep you up to date on the latest within welfare technology around the world. And, speaking of the world, we will bring you inspiration from different countries and share some of the different approaches to ensuring good, equal housing and living opportunities for disabled citizens.

Keep living

At Pressalit Care we specialize in making kitchens and bathrooms accessible for everyone. When we develop flexible solutions, they are based on a desire for everyone, regardless of functional capacity, to have the best conditions for being as independent as possible. To keep living no matter the physical circumstances. On our blog we wish to share that fundamental purpose with you, and to inspire and assist you in achieving it. For yourself and for those who depend on you for housing, help and feeling at home.